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2016 From’Girls Calendar : when the cheese meets contemporary art

For the 11th edition, the Association Fromages de Terroirs chooses to explore the territory of contemporary art with the help of visual artist SÚverine Metraz. Using the technique of collage, the artist plays with cheese and pin’up from previous editions. Glossy papers torn from magazines or old calendars, cheese and From’Girls take a new dimension in an unexpected universe, fun and surreal. Limited series For Christmas, you can order your calendar on this web site. Price: 20 euros + 7.80 of shipping

This melting pot and explosive colors fronted cheese evokes nature, the regions, the joy of living and gluttony. With a touch of humor, here From’Girls remastered and cheese, blackballed under the nimble fingers of the artist who sometimes cut or torn, then bomb the colors together. Piece of terroir, cheese always prominently involved in a fashion iconography, urban or rural, the 2016 calendar offers a new viewing angle. The artist of this calendar is Severine Metraz.

The Association alerts of the gradual disappearance of this unique heritage that expresses the alive terroir, and the unique expertise of artisans. The risk of uniformity even in the AOP is there and is explained by several factors: the arrival of industrial groups in the appellations, the loss of consumer information and disappearance of farm products. We count as 2% of production " farm raw milk cheeses ", that is to say, cheeses produced directly in the farm and 10-12 % of unpasteurised milk cheeses from bigger companies. Founded in 2001, the Association Fromages de Terroirs is the only truly independent associations in France, representing all raw milk cheeses.