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Action! 2015 From’Girls Calendar stages 12 cheeses with movie stars

The traditionnal cheeses are hitting the headlines with the calendar. They are the stars.For the 10th birthday of the From’ Girls Calendar, the Association chooses to show the traditional cheese through movies where talent, beauty and celebrity make only one. Elegance, refinement, smile, colors as the 7th art, the real cheeses offers every day to the cheese lovers a universe of pleasure and dream. You can order it now on our web site, home page. Enjoy !

Miss Charlotte of Brillat-Savarin embodies Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys to pay tribute in this wonderful cheese symbol of the French lifestyle. Miss Viviane of Neufchâtel mentions the love story of Pretty Woman with the neufchâtel AOP in the shape of heart.Miss Marylin Camembert competes in celebrity with the camembert cheese of Normandy AOP, the well known cheese around the world. Miss Daphné of Rodat floats over with sound funny cheese in the shape of flying saucer, reminding the Hollywood productions of science fiction. Miss Elizabeth Mimolette reveals her love for the Mimolette, the object of her heart, in 9 1/2 weeks. Miss Suzanne Mothais, a little desperated, found her cheese Mothais in Poitou-Charentes (France). Miss Brigitte Banon comes back to the beach from fishing of banon cheese, this adorable small unpasteurized milk cheese of Provence (France). Miss Alice of Fourme d’Ambert discovers the charms of the jungle with her cheese idol. Miss Lea of Abondance has the appetite to teaching with the well known cheese of Haute-Savoie. Short test today ? Miss Diane of Valençay hesitates between Valençay and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre, two goat cheeses native of the Center of France. Miss Cathy Therondels in Cat Woman makes us discover a strange unpasteurized milk cheese of cow made in the Tarn (west south of France). Miss Eléonore of Mont d’Or cheese as Grace Kelly,can count on her cheese to save her the life.

France is famous worldwide for its cheeses. More than 1 000 varieties of cheeses among which 400 well known, more than the days of the year. An exceptional inheritance which expresses the country living, the unique know-how of producers, the creativity of an always envied country.

The Association also notifies the risk of standardization of the tastes which is explained by several facts: the arrival of the big industrial company in the AOP, the loss of the consumers knowledge even in France and the disappearance of the farm’s productions. We count no more than 3 % of "farmers" productions, that means, the cheeses made on the place of collecting-milk, and 10 at 12 % of unpasteurized milk cheeses.

The cheeses casting 2015 From’Girls Calendar

Camembert de Normandie AOP of Gillot, Brillat-Savarin truffled of Delin, Abondance AOP of Chabert, Mimolette, Banon AOP, Rodat de Ewe, Neufchâtel AOP, Mothais, Fourme d’Ambert AOP, Valençay AOP and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre AOP, Therondels, Mont d’Or AOP.

The 2015 From’ Girls Calendar is for sale at the 20-euros + carrying cost. The profits of sales are completely put back to the Association which lobbies for 12 years for the unpasteurized milk cheeses and their preservation in the French heritage. Your contribution is precious to help us to follow our fight against the standardization. Farmers and producers continue to make some cheese in the respect for the product and for the values. Those need your support and there is only you, as consumer, who can act