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Home >> FARM CHEESE AWARDS : 1st international contest only reserved to raw milk farm cheeses. SIRHA GREEN, JUNE 18, 2018, LYON-EUREXPO

FARM CHEESE AWARDS : 1st international contest only reserved to raw milk farm cheeses. SIRHA GREEN, JUNE 18, 2018, LYON-EUREXPO

The association Fromages de Terroirs, whose vocation is to support, through its awareness and information actions, a dynamic of farm and artisanal production, launches the Farm Cheese Awards, an international contest entirely openned to farm cheeses made from raw milk and respectful of the environment. 100% raw milk, 100% farmer, 100% independent. On June 18, from noon to 6 p.m., on Sirha Green’s Green Stage at Lyon Eurexpo, the score of taste and quality will be played out, farm cheese against farm cheese. It is by going through a lot of cheese contests that the association had the idea of this event to offer a framework adapted to farm productions, which often do not have the means to compete, or whose characteristics by definition not formatted, are not judged according to a grid of criteria which corresponds to them. For example, defects in appearance are in most cases eliminatory or penalizing, whereas they are a quality for farm produce. Another example: for the same maturing period, a farm cheese will not offer optimal maturing for reasons of different manufacturing techniques using less technology or a less standardised quality of milk... This is why the association was convinced that it was necessary to organize a real competition dedicated, with an experienced jury, experienced in the tasting of this type of products that go off the beaten track of taste.

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Strictly open to raw milk farm cheeses, the Farm Cheese Awards offer a springboard to producers who want their products recognized. A jury composed of professionals chosen for their expertise and independence, will have the pleasure of tasting and grading samples according to the singular criteria related to farmhouse production. Three winners per technical category will be chosen, they will benefit from a showcase for cheese lovers who are increasingly curious, cheese ripeners and chefs in search of rarity and excellence, without forgetting the gastronomic media, vectors of image and notoriety. Beyond the possibility of forging lasting links with the market via this event, it is also the opening of new taste paths, far from the standards that make up the daily life of consumers..; it is also a message of hope that is sent to all farmers worldwide and to those who would like to settle, to tell them that there is a growing demand from citizens for typicity, products of character, return to the farm and ethical practices. The work accomplished by tens of thousands of producers directly linked to the terroir deserves to be known and recognized. This first edition will be held on Monday, June 18, 2018 as part of the first edition of Sirha Green, from 12:00 to 18:00.

The steering committee is composed of members of the association Fromages de Terroirs (Emmanuel Carbonne, cheesemonger, Pierre Coulon, cheese maker, Véronique Richez-Lerouge, chairman) and Benoît Charron, chairman of the Cheesemongers union of Rhône-Alpes.

About the partners ans the judges : GL Events is co-producer of the event. the Cheesemongers union of Rhône-Alpes is the partner of the competition. An international jury of 16 people divided into teams of 4 will be composed of cheesemongers, gastronomics journalists, experts and chefs. This committee implements the search for partnerships within the French and international farm sectors... and ensures the management of the organization