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Most of the consumers have a false perception of fat in cheese, even doctors and other specialists of health.

In 2008, the CSA (a French survey institute) asked 224 of them about that subject : they evaluated the cheese’s fat at 48% on average, which is two times more than the fact. For example, a raw milk AOP Camembert contains only 21% of fat (for total weight). Surprising, isn’t it ?

That distorsion was probably created by the previous French labelling norms, which required to mention the fat of the cheese’s dry extract (what remains when water has totally disappeared).

For a better understanding, the labelling changes

Since 2007, the law has changed to a standardization of the whole food labelling.

The fat is now calculated for the cheese’s total weight. A Camembert, which was a 45% of fat cheese during years, is now a 21% one (because there is a bit more than 50 g. of water in 100 g. of Camembert).

Cheese is not an enemy of weight loss!

According to the specialists, a 2000 Kcal balanced diet must contain 80 to 90 g of lipid. A portion of cheese supplies less than 10 g of fat!

Besides, people who want to lose weight usually give too much importance to the calories and forget the nutritional value of food. But cheese also contains proteins, vitamins and other essential nutriments!