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France kills itself the real camembert by authorizing pasteurization in the PDO in 2021 !

What means PDO ? Ancestral, loyal and constant customs. Three words engraved in marble when France created the appellations of origin at the very beginning of the 20th century. The Camembert de Normandie, is still a symbol of our country of cheese, but il will change if we let pasteurization coming in 2021 ! This means levelling down, which will be accompanied by stopping the "moulage ŕ la louche". Finish the real taste, finish the typicity !

History is definitely repeating itself. The four Norman PDO have not enought learned from the past, it is inexorably sinking into mediocrity. By wanting to remove the term "Normandy" from industrial camemberts, in other words to apply the european law (after 20 years of laxness), the camembert de Normandie inherits the worst scenario to get out of this arm-wrestle between the artisan of the "Normandy" camembert PDO and those, "made in Normandy", the industrial copy, of which Lactalis is the first operator with 95% of the production. The end of the "Made in" ends with a bif PDO for all, declined in two versions: one basic under "Camembert de Normandie" and the other, more qualitative, under "Véritable camembert de Normandie". The law of the market will require that 9 out of 10 PDO pies be pasteurized and industrial, manufactured in a chain like common products. Therefore cheaper.

The association Fromages de Terroirs denounces a serious deviation of the PDO which really gives industrials what they had dreamed of in 2007 when they demanded pasteurisation, easier to make. We know what happens to this flexibility in the specifications - race for volume, standardisation, extinction of farmers - and the stacking of unlabelled products that only creates confusion for the consumer. The entry of industrial camemberts into the AOP perimeter is the programmed death of the real camembert! And also of our quality labels...

If you agree, sign on : C’est le camembert de Normandie qu’on assassine ! (It’s the Camembert of Normandy that’s being murdered!)