The Soumaintrain

Wednesday 21st September 2011.


131 T per year

The Soumaintrain is a raw cow’s milk cheese, with an uncooked, unpressed and soft pate. Its orange and humid rind is washed. It has a circular shape and contains about 23% of fat for its total weight.


That cheese has the name of the village where it was created during the XIIth century, in the Armance valley. In those days, the Soumaintrain was aged by the farmers to pay the tithe of the Pontigny’s monks.


The methods of production are close of the Epoisses : the cheese is washed 2 or 3 times a week to promote the development of red ferments. The Soumaintrain is aged during 7 to 8 weeks.

Choice and tasting

Eyes : humid rind, yellow to dark red.

Nose : strong smell.

Palate : aromatic flavour.

Excellent with a Bourgogne aligoté or a Chablis. You could add black pepper for more pleasure.

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