The Pierre-qui-Vire

Monday 26th September 2011.


30 to 40 T per year

1 producer

The Pierre-qui-Vire is a raw cow’s milk cheese, which takes a cylindric shape. Its height is 3 cm for 12 cm across and a weight between 250 and 300 gr. Its smooth rind is colored with achiote and its pate is soft. You could find it aged or fresh as little balls (boulettes) with herbs. It contains 28% of fat for its total weight.


The Pierre-qui-Vire is make by the Benedictines in the Sainte-Marie de la Pierre-qui-Vire’s abbey, which is located in Sens (Yonne). That cheese is producted since 1920 but is still unknown by the customers.


Initially the milk is matured during 12 to 15 hours at 15°C. Then it is heated to 25 - 28 °C and curdled during 24 hours. The draining lasts 24 hours in a temperature between 20 and 23°C. The cheese is salted and drained a second time. In cellar, the cheese stays 2 to 3 weeks and is often washed with salted and achiote-colored water.

The « boulettes » are made with the same curdled milk, salted, smoothed and mixed with aromatic herbs before taking shape of 8 cm across balls.

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