The Bouton de Culotte

Thursday 29th September 2011.

The Bouton de Culotte is the smallest french goat’s milk cheese, also known as the « Cabrion » or the « Chevreton du Mâconnais ». It has the shape of a thimble and weighs 30 to 40 gr.

It could be eaten young, but is prefered old or extra-old, when a pepper taste appears.


That cheese is from the Mâconnais and the Haut-Beaujolais, in Bourgogne.

The shepherds used to make cheeses which become dry quickly and continue to be tasty after several months. The Bouton de Culotte is one of them.


Made from december to march.

It has a quick maturation et becomes dry after 2 months.

Choice and tasting

Eyes : yellow to brown rind.

Nose : strong odour.

Palate : loud flavour, a bit peppery.

Delicious during the « aperitif », with a dry white wine as an Edelzwicker or a Bourgogne aligoté.

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