The Coeur d’Arras or the Coeur d’Avesnes

Friday 16th September 2011.

The Cœur d’Arras is a raw cow’s milk cheese. The cheese comes from the Maroilles family, its orange rind is washed, its pate soft, uncooked and unpressed. It has an attractive shape of heart but smells strong. It weighs about 180 gr.

Country and origin

The Cœur d’Arras was born in Arras, in the Pas-de-Calais but is actually produced in the city of Avesnes sur Helpe (about a hundred kilometers away).

It is traditionnaly eaten during the « Fête des Rats » of Arras, an event created to celebrate the conquest of the city by the french army in 1640.


From autumn to spring.

The Cœur D’Arras and the Maroilles methods of production are close.

After extraction the milk is curdled and moulded in a heart’s form. Then the cheese is drained, salted and put in a cellar for maturing during 4 weeks. Its rind is washed several times during these weeks.

Choice and tasting

Eyes: orange rind.

Nose : strong smell.

Palate : strong flavour, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

We advice you to combinate the Cœur d’Arras with a beer from northern France for more pleasure.

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