The Morbier (AOC since 2000)

Monday 26th September 2011.

6556 T per year

40 producers

2 farmers

The Morbier is a raw cow’s milk cheese, with a pressed but uncooked pate which is separated in two parts by a thin black line. Its shape is cylindric, 30 to 40 cm across, 5 to 8 high and it weighs between 5 and 8 kg.


-   Always raw milk from Montbéliarde or Simmentale breeds.
-   Cows are fed only with grass and straw.
-   Extensive agriculture.
-   45 days minimum of maturation.
-   Areas of production : Ain, Doubs, Saône-et-Loire.


The Morbier was born in the Franche-Comté, a mountainous region of eastern France. That cheese is more than two centuries old and lot of historical sources mentioned it. For example, Morbier’s mayor in 1795 wrote that it exists a fat cheese called « Petit Morbier » in his village.

Before the AOC, the Morbier was protected by a regional label (since 1986).


At the beginning, the Morbier was made in two times, but it changes to a one time system in the XXth century.

Before 24 hours after the extraction, the milk is heated to 40°C maximum and curdled. The curdled is cut to obtain 1 cm grains. Some coal is added and the grains are united to make a little montain, which is pressed. To finish the Morbier stays in a cellar for 45 days at least.

Choice and tasting

Eyes : grey to orange rind. A black line separates two parts of the pate.

Nose : fruity odour.

Palate : light creamy taste.

The Morbier has a delicate flavour, so it is better to taste it before the strong cheeses. You could complemente it with a wine from Jura.

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